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I’ll Be Back!

Now that you have your parrot in the carrier, you start to wonder if she will understand that you’re not abandoning her at the boarding facility.  You’re bringing favorite toys and treats, special foods, and a list of all her likes and dislikes, yet you can’t convince yourself that she’s going to feel like you’re never coming back.  Like you’re leaving her at the orphanage.

Orphanage 1Actually, many parrots do just fine in boarding.  They may not be too happy about it, but they take it in stride.

I have a way of letting my greys know I’m always coming back.  Anytime I leave the house, I say one of two things.  If I’m leaving for a short period of time, like going to the grocery store, I say to them as I leave, “I’ll be back.”  If I’m leaving for a longer period of time, like going to work, I tell them as I leave, “I’ll see you later.”  And they know the difference.  When they hear I’m leaving for a long period of time, they get very vocal with peeps, pops, and whistles, expressing their dissatisfaction. One of my permanent greys, Cookie, and a rescue, Simon, always respond with the sentence meant for the shorter period of time “I’ll be back,” when they hear me say “I’ll see you later.”  They don’t say anything when I say “I’ll be back.”

This understanding that I’ll be home also works for letting them know I will be back to pick them up from the boarding facility, or vet hospital, or wherever I may need to leave them for some time.  After dropping them off, before I leave, I always say, “I’ll see you later.”  I promise you, once you get this established you’ll feel so much better.


One comment on “I’ll Be Back!

  1. Maria Kuczerewicz
    April 21, 2015

    Great idea Shari! I will start doing that with my birds, you never know what goes trough their mind when you go out and leave them! Thanks!

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